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Monday, 25 September 2017

Ron Turner art found in old comics fanzines (2)

The 2nd 'lost' Ron Turner can be found here in the pages of issue 21 of the Comic Journal. A 6 page strip this time. It's from the October 1939 issue of American pulp magazine Science Fiction). The strip was originally called Infra-Intellect when it was original written in 1937.

If you want to see more then I can only ask that you head over to ebay...

Sunday, 24 September 2017

Striker volume 3 - status update

Over on the Strikerworld forum there's been an update on the pre-oders fro volume 3 of Striker - the complete collection...

A big thank you to everyone who has already reserved their copy of Volume 3 of Striker: The Complete Collection. These quality A4 hardbacks are selling fast and time is running out to order.

Volume 2 was a sell-out, and although we are considering a second-edition, these would not be ready before the new year.

We’ll be printing more surplus copies of Volume 3 than we did with Volume 2, but the only way to be certain of reserving a book is to order in the next few days.

Volume 3 contains the final four years of the hand-drawn Striker adventures before the switch to 3D computer-generated production at the start of 1999. This era is also notable for the transition in the tone of the stories from drama to comedy drama. 

The books will be despatched at the end of this month or the first few days of October. Prices are £25, including UK delivery, or £30 for a signed book.

Click here to reserve your book:


Striker volume 3 ready to order
Over on Strikerworld (here  to be precise) Pete Nash has announced that volume 3 of the Striker reprint archive collection is now ready to order.

He says...

Once again we will be printing to order, with only a few surplus copies, so be sure to order your copy early as there were many disappointed fans who missed out on Volume 2.

This book (volume 3, cover below) contains the last four years of hand-drawn Striker adventures before the switch to 3D computer-generated production at the start of 1999. And you can see a three-week experiment with the new style towards the end of the book.

This era also marked a transition in the tone of the Striker stories from drama to comedy drama - inspired by the larger-than-life character traits of Eric and his trophy wife Vanessa, who made their Striker debuts at the end of Volume 2.

As with all the volumes in the collection, there's an introduction by Striker creator Pete Nash, who recalls his memories and experiences from that era.

The price for Volume 3 has been kept at £25 including delivery, for an unsigned book or £30 including delivery for a signed copy. Overseas buyers should email Lucinda at for prices.

We are aiming to despatch the books around the end of September.

He also says...
For those of you who missed out on Volume 2, we are considering printing a second edition if there is sufficient demand. Email Lucinda at if you would like to go on the waiting list).

Striker volume 1...

Saturday, 23 September 2017

Ron Turner art found in old comics fanzines (1)

One of the joys of tidying up any collection is the realisation that you've got stuff that you'd completely forgotten about, currently I'm selling off some stuff on ebay here and realised that this issue of ace British comic magazine The Comic Journal contains an 8 page (A5) comic strip by the legendary Ron Turner. The strory was written by John Russell Fearn before World War 2 as an unfinished fragment intended for a round robin series that was never completed.

Anyway, here's the opening page to whet your apetite...

Friday, 22 September 2017

Frankenstein, Texas - on Kickstarter now

Ok, so this looks great, so thought I'd share if here, it's called "Frankenstein, Texas" and it's billed as a 48 page horror western and it's available to back here on Kickstarter right now.

I'll let creators David Hitchcock (art) and Dan Whitehead (script) tell you more about it...

What if Mary Shelley's famous gothic novel was a lie? What if Victor Frankenstein paid Captain Walton to announce both he and his creation had perished and vanished in the Arctic? What if instead the pair headed west, across Europe, to Ireland and from there to the new world? To America?
That's the concept behind Frankenstein, Texas, a 48-page horror western graphic novel from writer Dan Whitehead (Hex Loader, Midwinter) and Eagle Award winning artist David Hitchcock (Springheeled Jack, The Signal Man).

This is a tale of action and adventure, but also a story that explores ideas of damnation and salvation, of fresh starts and bitter ends, and what it takes to atone for the deadliest of sins.
At the heart of the story is the complex relationship between Frankenstein and his creation. The man, constantly wrestling with the knowledge that he created life from death, and the monster, heartbroken by the violence that rages inside him, and determined to prevent his "father" from repeating the mistakes of the past.

Frankenstein, Texas is written by Dan Whitehead. An author, journalist and scriptwriter, Dan has over 20 years experience in professional publishing. Among the titles he has written are two official Star Wars books, comic adaptations of Poe's Fall of the House of Usher, Jason and the Argonauts and Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, and the children's historical science fiction novel Atlanta meets the Cotton Slaves. He has also written scripts for video games and television, and most recently self-published the retro gaming supernatural comic book Hex Loader and post-apocalyptic thriller Midwinter.

The artist on Frankenstein, Texas is 2006 Eagle Award winner David Hitchcock.  His past work includes The Visible Man with Pat Mills for 2000AD, the award-winning Madam Samurai, Springheeled Jack, Whitechapel Freak and a graphic novel adaptation of Charles Dickens' classic ghost story The Signal Man.

This campaign is to primarily fund the art for a complete 48-page graphic novel. Although we are calling this "Volume 1" that's because there are more stories we want to tell in this setting with (some of) these characters. To say any more would spoil the story, but suffice to say that the book being funded has a beginning, a middle and an emotionally satisfying ending. There will be no cliff-hanger, no expectation for you to buy the next book. Obviously that would be lovely (please do that) but this is written as a story which stands by itself, as well as setting the stage for future adventures.

The script is complete and work has already begun on the interior pages - as you can see in the images here. This campaign is to raise the funds to pay for David's time to complete the rest of the book. Money has already been set aside for lettering and printing.

I've already backed it, why don't you?

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Valerian creators in London - 30th Sep

On Saturday 30th September, at the Institut Francais (South Kensington, London) the creators of the Valerian spatiotemporal agent series will be making a rare appearance.

There are more details here but the website says...

Jean-Claude Mézières & Pierre Christin in Conversation, moderated by Paul Gravett.

The extensive and otherworldly work of Jean-Claude Mézières and Pierre Christin is one of the most influential in the whole sci-fi world as we know it. In 1967, they created the Valerian & Laureline comic book series, which tackles social and philosophical issues with a strong dose of mid-century radicalism and has just been adapted into a film by Luc Besson. They will share and discuss with the audience what makes their collaboration unique, between political commentary and colourful art.

As if that's not enough you can tie this in with the opportunity to see the recent Valerian movie - chat+movie = £15, what's not to like?

Scans of the English language edition of the books (before Cinebook started reprinting them)

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Dave Gibbons book launch & talk tonight!

Orbital comics have announced an evening with Dave Gibbons & Tim they say...

Orbital is proud to present the launch of How Comics Work, the exciting new book from Dave Gibbons and Tim Pilcher. Pulling back the curtain of comic book creation, the iconic artist behind Watchmen and Green Lantern reveals insider hints, tips and tricks in his own words. Covering both traditional and digital techniques, this “how it’s done” book will prove essential to any aspiring comic creator.

Gibbons and Pilcher will be signing copies of their new book from 5:30 – 7:30pm, and the evening will conclude with a free-to-attend after-hours panel discussion. If ever you wanted to get comic book industry knowledge first-hand, this will be the event you can’t afford to miss!

Dave Gibbons at 2000ad con back in February

Star Wars - the Marvel UK collection

Released yesterday (19th Sep), and running to a monstrous 808 pages, is this addition to every comics fans Christmas list, yes it's the 'Star Wars - Marvel UK collection'

The blurb on Amazon (where it's priced from £62.50 upwards)....

All your favorite Star Wars characters - from Luke Skywalker to Darth Vader to the Ewoks, in sensational adventures first published a long time ago and far, far away - in Britain in the '70s and '80s! Now, for the first time, these rarely seen tales are collected in a single hardcover - along with a veritable treasure trove of UK-exclusive covers, pinups, posters, articles, interviews, star profiles, activities and other goodies never before seen by American eyes! Savour early stories by classic British creators, tales slated for the U.S. series but never published in America and fascinating Star Wars rarities you didn't know existed! COLLECTING: STAR WARS WEEKLY 60, 94-99, 104-115; EMPIRE STRIKES BACK MONTHLY 149, 151, 153-157; STAR WARS MONTHLY 159; EWOKS ANNUAL 1989; STAR WARS: THE OFFICIAL COLLECTORS' MAGAZINE; MATERIAL FROM PIZZAZZ 10-16; UK EXCLUSIVE COVERS, PINUPS, ARTICLES

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Beeb magazine covers gallery - part 1

Beeb was the BBC's answer to Look In magazine - it only lasted for 20 issues (with the last 3 issues apparently only being available to subscribers) and featured a consistent run of strips in its life...
One by One - illustrated by Mario Capaldi
The Tripods [illustrated by John M Burns]
Grange Hill - illustrated by John Armstrong
Family Ness

So now cast your mind back to what it was like in early 1985...

Friday, 15 September 2017

new Gerald Scarfe exhibition to open soon

On 22nd September (to 21 Jan 2018) an new exhibition of cartoonist Gerald Scarfe's work will open at the House of Illustration (near King's Cross station, London) providing a rare opportunity to explore extensive but little-known production designs with storyboards, costumes and props from Pink Floyd’s The Wall, Disney’s Hercules and English National Ballet’s The Nutcracker.

But what's the comic link I hear you cry? Well he is a renowned (political) cartoonist and his art did (sort of) appear in the original Eagle...

For more details on David Hockney and Gerald Scarfe in the pages of Eagle click here

From Eagle volume 3, issue 31 (cover dated 7th November 1952)