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Friday, 19 January 2018

Postscript Books - bargains ahoy - part 2

More back issues of Illustrators magazine available at knockdown prices

Here's issue 12

was £18; is £4.99
The work of digital artist Android Jones adorns the cover of issue 12, and is examined in the lead article, while controversial comics veteran Howard Chaykin and fantasy artist Sidney Sime (1865-1941) are also under the spotlight.

Here's issue 13
The 'king of kitsch' Mitch O'Connell and the illustrator of children's books Brooke Boynton Hughes are interviewed in issue 13, and painter and illustrator Sep E Scott (1879-1965) is celebrated.
Was £18; is £4.99

 Here's issue 14
Perhaps best known for his comics work, fantasy painter Joe Jusko is profiled in issue 14 together with the idiosyncratic Tara McPherson, while Adam Stower, who writes and illustrates children's books, is interviewed.
Was £18; is £4.99

Here's  issue 15
The extraordinary art of Dave McKean, who often collaborates with Neil Gaiman, is the lead article in issue 15, while painter Andy Thomas is interviewed and Sam Peffer's vintage covers for Pan Books are examined.
Was £18; is £4.99

Here's  issue 16
Neal Adams revolutionized American comics in the 1960s and 1970s, and is still working today. He is profiled in issue 16, along with the illustrator Paul Slater and legendary commercial artist Will Davies.
Was £18; is £4.99

I got copies of all 5 of these magazines - they arrived quickly and postage was £3 for all of them.

Thursday, 18 January 2018

Brian Lewis - Comicon 76

Since my post the other days of Brian Lewis artwork went down well I thought you might all be interested to see the enclosed piece of Brian Lewis artwork from the Comicon 1976 brochure

and here it is...

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Postscript books - bargains ahoy - part 1

Not my employer, not an advertorial but they have got a heap of comics related stuff going on, so here's a quick plug for what you can find over on the Postscript Books website...

Here is a copy of Illustrators magazine issue #4 - contains an article of cutaway artist Ashwell Wood and the Pan Book(s) of Horror (published price £15; is £3.99)

Here is issue 5 which features an article on comics artists Derek Eyles and Janet & Anne Grahame Johnstone (published price £15; is £3.99)

Here is issue 6 - main interest is probably comics war artist Graham Cotton (published price £15; is £3.99)

If you've never read a copy of Illustrators magazine I can tell you that the quality is superb, usually around 100 pages of full colour art on thick paper. It's a journal more than a magazine.

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Comicon brochure 1976 - no signatures - part 2

Here's my final selection from the Comicon 1976 brochure (my special signed copy is now for sale here)...

First up is Bryan Talbot

Then we have Hunt Emerson

Ron Embleton was king of the comics in the 1970s, and here's his artistic effort

Brian Lewis also contributes a piece

Monday, 15 January 2018

Comicon brochure 1976 - no signatures - part 1

Unsigned pieces from the 1976 brochure (which is for sale here incidentally) include the following

Here's a lovely lady from the pen of John M. Burns

John Bolton also makes an appearance

as does Martin Asbury - I assume this is supposed to be the $6m man

Sunday, 14 January 2018

Comicon 76 brochure - with signature (part 2)

Second (and final) part of my look at the autographs in my Comicon 1976 brochure

This one looks like Tony Weare to me - the only reason I can think for signing this page is that it's about the only blank page in the booklet - the rest of the pages are jam packed with art!

Here's a young looking Dave Gibbons (and Powerman as well)

Comics fan extraordinaire Denis Gifford also made it into the pages of the convention handbook.

Saturday, 13 January 2018

Comicon 76 brochure - with signtures (part 1)

Here's my Comicon 1976 brochure - it's A5 sized and full of one-off pages of art by the guests (typically) attending the convention. I was a little young to attend Comicon 1976 but whoever owned this brochure before me managed to grab a number of signatures...(more to come tomorrow)

Ken Simpson

Brian Bolland

Paul Neary

Trevor Goring (back page)

Friday, 12 January 2018

Andersonic issue 23 is now out!

Here's the cover of ace Century 21 fanzine, Andersonic...

Contents include...
Ayshea Brough interview - Ayshea talks about her time working on UFO. 
Archive - In 1993 Chris Drake interviewed Gerry Anderson for his book 'UFO & Space: 1999'. In the third part of this interview Gerry talked candidly about the making of Captain Scarlet. 

Alan Shubrook -  Alan writes about the recent demolition of the Century 21 studios in Slough and also shares his thoughts on working on Captain Scarlet. 

Captain Scarlet Comics of the 90s  - Graeme Bassett writes about his work on Alan Fennell's comic revival of the early 1990s .

The A-Z of Stingray - Essential marine facts for the aquanaut of tomorrow - today!

Space: 1999 - a critique of End of Eternity with the emphasis on Ray Austin's direction.

The Protectors - Mike Coldwell casts an eye over Shadbolt  

Watching the Watchers - A look at Granada's Supermarionation transmission history of the 60s and 70s.

Captain Scarlet -  'Point 783' - two writers slug it out over this popular episode.

Merchandise Reviews - we review recent CDs and books. Plus 'Things You Do (when you're a fan)', news of an upcoming UFO convention and some other stuff. 

The issue comprises 44 pages with colour inner & outer covers.
It's now available via the website (and eBay for a short period in the Collectibles > SF > Thunderbirds section); if you'd prefer to pay by cheque, please get in touch for the new postal address. Back issues are also (mostly) in print. Cost (including UK postage) is an incredibly low £2.90.

So what exactly is Andersonic?
It's an A5 paper fanzine which covers the films and television series of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson. Each issue contains features and articles which explore and discuss their many series, from the black and white Supercar and Fireball XL5, 60s series StingrayThunderbirdsCaptain ScarletJoe 90 and The Secret Service; the live-action series UFO and Space:1999 and later stuff such as Terrahawks and right up to date with New Captain Scarlet. In previous issues we have also covered the films Doppelganger and Into Infinity. We have featured interviews with, amongst others, Mike Trim, Dominic Lavery, Shaun Whittacker-Cook, Jan King, Robert Easton, Tony Harding and Mike Noble.


Thursday, 11 January 2018

Glenn Fabry sketchbook - final selection of images

A final selection of images from the really very talented Glenn Fabry...

it's for sale here y'know

all images (c) Glenn Fabry
all characters are (c) their respective creatord

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Ian Gibson's lost children's book illustrations - part 1

From the pages of Arken Sword #20, comes this oddity, it says here...

Grain is the creation of Paul Keatley and Ian Gibson. It started one Christmas night while they were entertaining friends. Paul told the story as Ian drew sketches to accompany hi. They took the ide and were going to package it as a series of illustrated children's books - Ian even drew up a whole pile of illustrations - but nothing became of it. it was in 1975 that Ian decided to put Grain into comic book form, harking back to its original inspiration - Asterix - and produced 12 finished pages. When John Jackson and I unearthed the unscripted pages during the course of our interview with Ian (Arken Sword 15), it prompted Paul & Ian to script the pages for me to print.

Paul Keatley is probably a name you're not familiar with, but he has worked in comics before. His break came in the early 70s when he was in London sharing digs with Ian and Steve Parkhouse. Paul sent in a lot of scripts to IPC's funny comics line - Buster, Whizzer & Chips etc. - but kept receiving rejections. Steve, who was already working for IPC, thought they were good enough so he included Paul's scripts in his batch of scripts. They were accepted. Eventually Steve told IPC the truth, and Paul sent in scripts under his own name. Paul moved on to other jobs, and other interests, including a tour of Europe as one of THE FORTUNES.

Monday, 8 January 2018

Rare early Kevin O'Neill artwork

From early 1973 I present a Fantasy Advertiser fanzine (issue 49) cover by Kev 'League of Extraordinary Gentlemen' O'Neill.

I think he's captured the vibe pretty well